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08Sep 2021
Make a Crisis into a Favorable Turn: Pan Taiwan Withdraws From SEMA 2021 and Engages In Online Showroom

To ensure the safety and health of all our beloved staff, customers, and business partners, Pan Taiwan has made a big decision to withdraw from SEMA 2021. It is truly a pity that we lost the chance to meet up with some of our familiar customers and connect with some new possible clients at this global business reunion of auto parts. However, with the threat of Covid-19 and its thriving new virus, we do not risk any possibilities of our staff and customer’s health. It is a tough decision, but we believe it is a right thing to do.

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08Feb 2021
New Video! Online Showroom for Car Mirror

Pan Taiwan offers various kinds of mirrors for multiple brands of classic car. Moreover, we even provide choices of convex or flat mirror to fit your needs. In this video, you will get to see all of those mirrors with clear introduction. For more information, you are very welcome to browse them on our website.

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24Feb 2021
New Video! Online Showroom for Windshield Wiper Blade

In this video, Pan Taiwan presents our featured product- Wiper Blade/ Arm.With years of experience, Pan Taiwan is capable of offering a wide range collection including front and rear wiper blade for classic car from 1920 to 1990. Moreover, both American and European types of wiper blades are available. In addition to the diverse models, we also provide different tooling, including casting head, spring cover, and 5mm/ 7mm bayonet for mutual usage. Moreover, you are allowed to request your arm length, hook angle, and mounting hole.If your parts are discontinued, we can also duplicate for you. Feel free to send us inquiries through our website if you are interested in any of our products. We appreciate your view and hope you find it useful. We look forward to your visit. Thanks for watching this video with us. Click a like for us if you find it useful. See you at the next video!

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26Jan 2021
New Video! Online Showroom for Top Selling Classic Car Parts

Here in this video, Pan Taiwan presents you the exhibition of our classic car parts. We pick two of the most popular products on our catalog and sample of our ability of Reverse Engineering. They are Auto Door Handle, Auto Lighting, and Customized Part- Auto Grille. With our guidance, we hope to make you feel like you are actually at the exhibition and explore the delicate details of our products. According to the tough situation this year, we are sorry and pitiful that most of the exhibitions are closed. However, nothing can stop Pan Taiwan from reaching to our customers and give the best service. Therefore, hope you enjoy this online exhibition video. We will be grateful if you like the video and give us a like or share to your business partners. You are very welcome to search the products that interest you on our website!

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20Jan 2021
New Video! Pan Taiwan’s Capacity of Customized Service

With years of experience, Pan Taiwan is expertise in duplicating parts for our customers. We have already reproduced for more than 5000 parts. In this video, Pan Taiwan is going to convince you with our strong ability of reproduction.First, Pan Taiwan is capable of several processes, such as plastic injection, stamping, machining. Moreover, we have a team of professional engineers who will give advices to us when it comes to duplicating parts. In addition, we have rich experience in handling multiple materials, such as steel, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum. Every parts we duplicate take our experience and skill. Pan Taiwan will learn and improve ourselves in every opportunities and serve the best for you. If you finish the video and content with our capacity of customization, feel free to send us your request. We look forward to serving you.

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21Jan 2021
New Video! Online Showroom for Window Regulator

In this video, Pan Taiwan will show you why we are your best choice regarding the quality of products and the service we offer when it comes to window regulator. Pan Taiwan was founded in 1977, with more than 40 years of experience, we have accumulated a wide range model of products. The Window Regulators we offer have covered American, European, Japanese, and Korean type. Moreover, we provide various systems such as cable system, scissor system, single rail system, dual rail system, and panel style. Plus, as you will see in the video, all of the products have been through tests before we put them on the market. Therefore, we are confident that we can meet your needs and help you find your target aftermarket parts. Pan Taiwan is capable of offering one-stop shopping service. Except for manufacturing, we are able to offer labeling, shipping, and packaging. Therefore, we are open to discussion of different requests. For more details, they are all well presented in the video. If you are interested in our Window Regulator, you are welcome to browse our website and get further information. We appreciate if you like our content and give us a like. Moreover, you are very welcome to share this video to your business partners. See you at our next video! Stay tuned and we will be right back!

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19Jan 2021
2021 Showroom Room Tour is out at YouTube

Pan Taiwan’s showroom is ready to present to all our beloved visitors around the world. To reach more customers, we start our YouTube Channel. In this video, you will be guided to our brand new automotive showroom. As the camera going around, you are capable of picturing the whole view of our showroom. Moreover, we will show you a close look of several of our featured products, such as mirrors, lights, or window regulators.Because of the impact of COVID-19, people are not allowed to travel around the world as usual. Pan Taiwan is still trying our best to meet your needs. If you are pleased with the content we create, we will be grateful if you could give us a like. Subscribe and now grab your popcorn, let’s watch this showroom room tour together!

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17Jun 2020
2020 Exhibition Plan Re-scheduled

Due to the effects of COVID-19, many activities have been cancelled or postponed. Originally Pan Taiwan planned to attend four exhibitions in 2020. They are AMPA in Taipei, Automechanika in Frankfurt, IAA in Hannover and SEMA in Las Vegas.We were sorry to be informed that both Automechanika and IAA 2020 were cancelled this year. It's really a pity. However, AMPA will be re-scheduled on Oct. 21-24, so we might still have the chance to meet you in Taiwan. If we have this honor to talk with you in face here, please make sure to save at least half a day for us so that we could show you our brand new remodeled show room and office.

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24Oct 2020
Cancellation of TAIPEI AMPA 2021

To all of our dearest customers, we are supposed to meet you in person at TAIPEI AMPA 2021. However, due to the great impact of COVID-19, traveling is not an appropriate option for people. Pan Taiwan wish all of our beloved customers stay safe and healthy. Therefore, we have to announce that we will not show up at TAIPEI AMPA 2021.However, cancellation of exhibition doesn’t mean that we give up every opportunities to reach our customers. Therefore, we have come up with the whole new way to communicate and introduce our products to all of you. Below is the introductory video of our brand-new showroom. Even COVID-19 will not stumble us from moving forward to serving our customers. If you are pleased with the content that we create, we appreciate your likes on our YouTube channel. You are very welcome to browse our website. Feel free to send us inquiries when there is any problems.

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03Nov 2020
SEMA Show 2020

We have been in SEMA for more than 16 years which makes us a senior member in SEMA. That’s why we are allows to keep our very good booth location right at the entrance of the north hall. If you come to SEMA, please stop by.

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11Jan 2019
Be a one day owner of Porsche and Mercedes

Be a one day owner of Porsche and MercedesActually, this was not the first time to visit Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. However, this time (22nd June) was different comparing with previous time. We were so lucky to see more than 30 cars of Porsche 911 with bright dark blue parked at the front door of Museum for gathering.After we took the lifter to the second floor, we felt like we turned back the clock to 1940s and saw the first prototype of Porsche 356. Until now, all Porsche sports cars are derived from the shape, driving dynamics and lightweight construction of this car. This classic car means a lot to Porsche.Along with the change in times and technological flourishing, Porsche in 2018 has released the first prototype of electric car. This means Porsche are continuously creating the miracles in coming decades.Next day, we went to Mercedes-Benz Museum. Once we stepped into the front door, we felt like we were at the space control center. A spacious hall with two elevators on each side, which leads us to the top floor starting with historical car made in 1886. One thing surprised us was that the steering wheel was round shape since 1886 and no matter how the car shape changed, the steering wheel has remained the same until now.After went through the different stages of car evolutions, the market positioning of Mercedes were very clearly. From 1900 til now, they were aiming the consumers at top of pyramid. They provided tremendous products with luxury design and clearly brand images. Mercedes on the other hand, not only produce the buses and trucks but also built the engines for airplane. What a surprised.

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11Jan 2019
Fantastic Experience of Riding in a Vintage Ford

Your favorite vintage car is not just for show. Yes, it is good to see how jealous others are and to receive some compliments. However, it’s even better to drive it on the road and enjoy the old-fashion breeze.In the good old time, we don’t need to hurry. We take time to make things nice and sturdy instead of rapid and boring. Classic car parts from Pan Taiwan represent the handcraft spirit. With our parts collection, you may enjoy the ride with your favorite car again.

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12Oct 2017
2017 D&B TOP 1000 SMEs Elite Award

Dun & Bradstreet selected the most export performance TOP 1000 companies from more than 1.4 million domestic SMEs. They did the comparison from National SME exporting data and their own database to the payment records, financial stress index, payment records, purchasing power, export growth rate and exporting level, etc., and chose the total export performance of more than 500,000 US dollars with no losses for the year and the recent three years. Pan Taiwan is honored to be one of the SMEs who received this award. It shows that we are a trust-worthy company with continuous growth power and long-lasting credit in business.Official Site:

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