Pan Taiwan Quality Assurance and Quality Control System

Pan Taiwan have obtained ISO9000 certificate since 1996. Besides following ISO guidance, we have two policies to make us different from most of the ISO9000 companies. First of all, we continuously improve our quality procedure year after year. Secondly, we insist that all staff need to have good understanding of ISO requirement as well as our QP and then practice it in their daily work. Futher more, each person has to take the 4 hour training courses twice then become the internal auditor.

As for the quality of goods, we have QC department to check on. They will inspect the goods according to the working instruction that RD department issued and make the records. QC people will also check on the points that sales note for customers’ special requirements. For the products those we develop for customers, we keep the approved sample as golden sample for production reference. We also keep the sample from each shipment as sample archive. In case there’s quality issue from production side or from customers, these samples will be very helpful to verify the issues.

Though our inspection reports are written in Chinese, English version is available upon request.

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